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Sustainability About Fashion Brands

The main purpose of this article which analysis the sustainability what is still growing up, still introducing itself is to get throuhg the truest result with scientific analysis which is available to give to the reader, create an awareness by increasing the consciousness about the sustainable fashion brands to the consumers. This article is an activist text that gives information to the population and maintain proliferation policy while trying to explain sustainability which has not known deeply and does not have fully searches yet and whihc must be examine within every kind of principles. After a brief description of the concept of sustainability and its etymology, where it came from, what it meant, and the absence of its equivalence in Turkish which is the original language of the article, it focuses on the components of the concept of sustainability and categorize them in three groups as environmental, social and economic. The historical development of sustainability and its adventure from past years to today are mentioned. In most recently, where and how the sustainability phenomenon was used for the first time, the point of origin of sustainability and the source of the sustainable movement were explained. While focusing on the producer factor, information about destructive and constructive effects of fashion brands was given. Fashion brands are discussed in two headings as fast fashion and slow fashion and their effects on sustainability are discussed. The positive and negative effects of fashion brands on sustainability are mentioned. Global and domestic brands that fall under the producer category were examined in its simplest form in terms of product, raw materials and methods and tabulated. Analyzes were made in line with the consumer-oriented scientific questionnaire and the results were discussed.

Sustainability, Fashion, Textile


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