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Mevlana And The Effects Of Mevlevism On The West World

Mevlana has been an important guide for the ages to people who have lived their inner journeys with his wisdom, eternal love for the creator, unconditional surrender, world and beyond vision and tolerance. To love the creature is because of the creator, to see, to hear and to feel the creator in every creature. The basis is Allah, love of Allah. Mevlana has formed by this love, shared the answers he reached, become a light in their inner journeys to mankind, guided them by his teachings, embraced everyone with his wide tolerance and thus became the source of the Mawlavi philosophy. After his death, by those who followed him, the Mawlavi philosophy has been based on a systematic structure with procedures and rules, music and ceremony. If we consider this system as a whole, there are symbolized deep meanings of every movement, every dress that is worn, from the head movements to the footsteps, from the position of the hands to the turns. This philosophy which is the love on its basis, which attracts curiosities, has spread to other lands from tongue to tongue, ear to ear, heart to heart and culture to culture. Western artists 'who came to explore the Ottoman culture with both the personal curiosity and various entrusting by their countries' used important events that will shed light on the history, eastern mysticism, structures, natural beauties, ancient cities, daily life and people in their artworks which were used on lots of important sources. During their travels, they were also greatly influenced by the Sema Rituals, which many of them described the ritual as a relaxing and peaceful ceremony. They also included Mawlavi philosophy to their memoirs, travel books, books, paintings, and much more. Thanks to Western artists and travelers, Mevlâna and Mawlavi have spread all over the world and will continue to be.

Mevlana, Mawlavi, Western artists, Artwork, Travelogues


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