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Investigation of Firefighters' Physical Activity Levels

This study was carried out to determine the physical activity levels of firefighters. In addition, it has been tried to reveal whether there are differences between smoking and physical activity levels. In the study, 163 firefighters working in Gaziantep province were selected as the sample group on a voluntary basis. The International Physical Activity Questionnaire (UFAA) was used to collect data in the study. In the analysis of the data, using the SPSS 22.0 program, percentage, frequency, average values were calculated, and Independent sample t test was used for comparisons between groups. Significance level was taken as p <0.05. As a result, in the study we conducted to determine the physical activity levels of firefighters, it was observed that the majority of the participants had insufficient physical activity, although the physical activity levels were insufficient. In the comparison of physical activity levels in terms of smoking, it was concluded that non-smokers were more positive than total smokers, severe physical activity, moderate physical activity and walking times.

Physical Activity, Smoking, Firefighters.


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