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Investigate the Number Sense Strategies Used by 4th Grade Students

Number sense, which is defined as a feeling of being able to make reasonable estimations with numbers, being able to recognize arithmetic errors and number patterns, and being able to select the most effective computing method, becomes increasingly important in mathematics education. In this research, it is aimed to examine the strategies used by the fourth grade students to answering questions related the number sense. A qualitative research design was employed in the study. The data of the study was collected from fourth grade students of a state school in Kadıköy district. The study group of the research consisted of six volunteer students who were in the group of middle and upper number sense achievement levels according to their score which was obtained from Number Sense Test. The data of the study was collected with the interview method. The interview form which consisted of four questions prepared according to the number sense components was applied to six students. As a result of the research, it was seen that students were tend to use rule-based strategies. In addition, it was concluded that the students in the group of middle number sense achievement levels more used the rule-based strategies according to students in the upper number sense achievement levels and they were tend to use these strategies.

4th grade students, rule-based strategy, number sense.


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