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Crises are chaotic and chaotic situations that communities and organizations may encounter. Uncertainty and rapidly changing conditions in the environment are constantly forthcoming organizations aware of possible threats and opportunities. The continued existence of organizations depends on their protection from these dangers and their ability to take opportunities. Unexpected and indescensable events, whether danger or opportunity, force organizations to change unplanned and may even lead to crisis. It is important to prevent the destructive effects of the crises faced by organizations that are constantly interacting with the environment. However, although it is not possible to eliminate all crises, the damage it causes can be kept optimally by successful crisis management. Reducing the negative effects of crises and managing them in a way that can lead to positive consequences will provide significant advantages to individuals and organizations. Health organizations that protect the health of the individual and the community have many reasons for the crises. Being aware of the causes of the crisis, developing crisis management skills and managing the crisis process are important to minimize the damage caused. It can prevent unintended and idler consequences by anticipating the situations of nurses who have an important role in health care delivery and whose direct work is human life, which threatens the existence of the organization and requires intervention. Therefore, nurses should identify the crisis situations they may encounter, develop appropriate and feasible crisis management strategies against situations that may occur during the crisis, gain effective crisis management skills and inform other teammates.

crisis, crisis management, health organizations, nursing


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